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The Lady Behind the Camera


Hi there, I'm Kylie.

I'm a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Eastern Pennsylvania and I am available to travel wherever our adventures may take us. I am always up for new ideas and I welcome you to contact me at anytime. 

Being a full-time wife, mom, ministry leader & business owner gets a little hectic but I wouldn’t want any other life. I'm rarely serious and can usually be found laughing at my own jokes. I’m a sucker for love, light & good company and I won’t ever turn down a caffeinated beverage. My all-time favorite people are my gingers & Michael Scott.

One of my biggest pet peeves is feeling awkward, so I strive to remove that unnecessary aspect from each of my sessions by capturing living moments through candid and semi-posed shots. I strongly believe that photo sessions are about having fun while capturing images and memories that embody who you are as an individual. Everybody is unique and that’s my favorite aspect of photography --- displaying the innate beauty of each of my amazing clients while telling their stories through photos. I have an inborn and dire need to create every chance I get. God has given me a gift and a strong desire to share it with others.


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